4/14/10: Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation 2D XM V8i or pdf

3/31/10:Announcing SofTutor for Excel 2007 / 2010 Data Mining & Data Manipulation or pdf

3/23/10: Announcing SofTutor for Second Life (academic) or pdf

8/6/10: Announcing SofTutor Learning System

6/30/09: Announcing SofTutor for Second Life ( & (6/30/2009)

6/30/09: Randy Hilgers our founder learns Second Life so fast he gives a last minute advanced Second Life training seminar at ISTE NECC '09 and invites Philip Rosedale (CEO and Founder of Linden Lab) to attend and see how short the Second Life learning curve is. While Philip had scheduling problems he sent his admin assistant to attend. Linden Lab downloaded SofTutor and started using it on the same day, over the next few weeks several of linden lab employees and board members tried softutor. To date people from organizations with more than 45,000 users have downloaded SofTutor for Second Life. Currently free for academic, libraries and educational not for profits.

6/23-25/09: SofTutor for Second Life is created for academic users to help reduce the learning curve of second life.

5/3/09: The SofTutor Learning Player was created for customers who just want to learn one product its based on the sofTutor learning system but it does not include authoring tools.

4/3/09: Visit our booth at SIIA Ed Tech K-20 2009 virtual tradeshow, click here to get started. see us through July.

3/25/09: SofTutor Learning System was chosen by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) as one of the leading innovations in Education in 2009. See our SIIA K-20 Collaborative Social Learning presentation Part 1 & Part 2

11/21/08: SofTutor for MicroStation XM 2D is now available for the SLS3 for companies with 10 or more users. AutoCAD 2010, MicroStation XM 3D and v8i can be ordered for 50 or more users.

05/22/08: SofTutor Learning System v3 (SLS3) released in beta. Now companies can license SofTutor to create their own training, mix and match training from various sources internal and external. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3; Record, Check-in and Share.

11/26/07: Bechtel (Vienna, VA) buys a SofTutor LAN to Teach their users 3D on the Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project.

9/21/07: Bechtel (Richland, WA) upgrades their server to support their 1,000 user SofTutor 2D and 3D Site License, which they have been using since 2001.

9/14/04:SofTutor OnLine is intergrated into the Ford Motor Company intranet at to provide training for up to 40,000 engineers worldwide.

11/20/02: SofTutor OnLine for consumers and small businesses.

8/27/02: SofTutor for AutoCAD 2002 update and SofTutor for MicroStation V8 update. Available at SofTutor OnLine 4Q02. >

8/15/02 - New Vision Software, establishes the 321 Learning Systems to market Small Business, Consumer and Educational SofTutor OnLine products.

8/12/02 - New Vision Software, moves to its new offices at 127 E. Main St., 2nd floor, Barrington, IL 60010. Our mailing address will remain 130 S. Kainer Ave, Barrington, IL 60010

5/15/02 - New Price for AutoCAD corporate LAN license. Contact your sales rep. today!

4/10/02 - SofTutor OnLine is released to corporate LAN customers -- new features include online pre and post testing , custom user curriculums, user security (company, group and user id), reports to track users, low bandwidth connections 33Kb, firewall friendly through port 80, corporate subscription license customers can create their own and modify content to mix and match and build their own systems. A small business and consumer version will be release later this year. If you're with a Fortune 5,000 company, state or federal government agency and want more information email us.

Press Releases

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation 2D XM V8i 4/14/2010 or pdf

Announcing SofTutor for Excel 2007 / 2010 Data Mining & Data Manipulation 3/31/2010 or pdf

Announcing SofTutor for Second Life (academic) 3/23/2010 or pdf

Announcing SofTutor Learning System (8/6/2009)

Announcing SofTutor for Second Life ( & (6/30/2009)

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation XM 2D (9/2008)

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation V8 2D (2004)

Announcing SofTutor for AutoCAD 2004 2D (2004)

Ford Motor Company chooses SofTutor OnLine for Worldwide Engineering Training (12/30/2003)

Announcing SofTutor OnLine (2/3/2003)

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation J/V8 3D (2003)

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation J 2D (4/17/2000) (pdf format)

Announcing SofTutor for AutoCAD 2000 (10/10/99)

Announcing SofTutor for AutoCAD R14 3D (11/13/98)

Announcing SofTutor for AutoCAD R14 Advanced (11/05/98)

Announcing SofTutor for Imagineer Technical (10/03/98)

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation 95 2D (1997)

Announcing SofTutor for MicroStation v5 3D (7/1/95)

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