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New Vision Software's Randolph Hilgers is so sure of his SofTutor hands-on training program that he's offering an unheard-of guarantee: "Give SofTutor to your engineers, and I guarantee they'll be designing productively with Imagineer Technical within one day or your money back."

How can they make this claim? New Vision's SofTutor series of products take advantage of the inherent power and flexibility of CD-ROMs to create an entirely new kind of training program for advanced computer technology--a follow-along tutorial that runs onscreen alongside the computer program it's teaching. Users can run SofTutor and Imagineer Technical simultaneously, following along in Imagineer everything the digitized instructor is doing in SofTutor.

Studies have shown that people learn better and retain more by doing. That's why New Vision created SofTutor! With SofTutor's 100% follow-along video training format, there's never a reason to read anything. Simply run SofTutor side-by-side and simultaneously with your CAD program and follow along with our instructor.

Other training systems and multimedia tutorials require that you read a lot of information at once, remember what you've learned, then leave the tutorial and try the techniques in the actual program. SofTutor is different--you practice the techniques within your CAD program while the tutorial is demonstrating them--a true interactive, learn-by-doing tutorial!

SofTutor combines this side-by-side, follow-along capability with such flexibility features as keyword-searching (with a built-in search engine and cross-reference table), scrolling text to supplement the audio instruction, a window that can be sized and positioned any way the user wants, and speed controls that allow users to speed up, slow down, pause, rewind, fast-forward, and skip around to suit their own needs.

"By combining all these features we've produced the ideal training tool. New users can take the 3-hour-plus course straight through--like having a nationally-known trainer take you through the course right at your PC. And experienced users can make SofTutor their customizable online help system," Hilgers says. With more than 250 topics indexed, and more than 95 follow-along example files, SofTutor can answer in seconds most of the questions that arise, for new and experienced users alike. "We've built in the conventional wildcards as well," says Hilgers, "so with one query--say, 'lighting'--a user can develop a definitive list of chapters, subchapters, and topics where lighting is mentioned." Users can also create bookmarks, customized training scripts, and search histories that track all items the user has searched for and played.

Does SofTutor's approach to training work? Ask Mark Townsend of Purdue University. "I used to spend 40 hours training basic MicroStation and still could not show everything that SofTutor shows. Now the trainees spend 20 hours with SofTutor and I spend a total of 2 hours with them."

SofTutor for Imagineer Technical includes a 30-day evaluation copy of Imagineer Technical; so first-time users can learn all there is to know about Imagineer before they purchase it. AutoCAD® and MicroStation® users will learn how to use Imagineer Technical with their existing drawings, aided by an extensive cross-reference table that allows them to find Imagineer equivalents to the AutoCAD or MicroStation commands they already know. "Whether you're a new user or one experienced with AutoCAD or MicroStation, you'll be up to speed with Imagineer Technical long before the end of the 30-day trial period. You can then purchase Imagineer, and continue to use SofTutor as an online help system for the rest of the product's life." SofTutor for Imagineer Technical can also be used with Imagination Engineer LT, which Microsoft bundles with every Windows 98 Resource Guide.

SofTutor for Imagineer Technical requires a multimedia PC (486/66 or better) running Microsoft Windows 95 or NT 4.0, a 2x CD-ROM drive, Windows-compatible sound board, speakers or headphones, mouse, VGA color monitor, 8-bit VGA adapter (256 colors), 16 MB of RAM, 5MB of hard disk space (minimum installation). Imagineer Technical requires 60 MB of disk space.

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