Custom SofTutor Projects
Let us train your users and deliver a shrink wrapped solution to users of 10 or more.

We can convert your training to SofTutor!
(In the video below we convert standard web training to SofTutor)

Trouble playing the video above? Click to Download our 6 min wmv video demo!

If you have anything, and we mean anything to train your users, we can create a custom project using our SofTutor learning technology. SofTutor projects are a cost effective solution if you need to train 10 or more users at your site. Since SofTutor can be used for complete training as well as follow up training and online technical support, our custom projects can be an excellent solution to your training needs.

SofTutor's learning object based approach makes it easy to make modifications or add custom projects to your existing SofTutor LAN products.

We would be happy to create custom training on: CAD Products, Company Standards, Office Products, Networking Products, Operating Systems, Unix Applications, Aircraft Maintenance, Factory Re-tooling etc.

If you are interested in a custom project quote call us at (800) 494-4973 and your customer service rep. will be glad to help you.