SofTutor Learning System - Performance Based Learning
Reduce the cost to train employees by up to 70% - while increasing retention.

"SofTutor takes people immediately into the actual operation of the application and coaches them as they use it. This is nearly ideal as a learning situation according to cognitive science."
- Dr. Arthur E. Paton, Director, Global E-Learning Strategy, Motorola University

SofTutor Will:
  • Reduce the Time it Takes to Learn by up to as 70%
  • Reduce the Time it Takes to Make Content by up to 80%
  • Reduce Technical Support / Help Desk Calls by up to 70%
  • Increase Retention with it's Follow-along, Learn-by-Doing Methodology
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Now anyone can use our new SofTutor Learning System for training and support. SofTutor is easy to use, and you can create interactive content up to 7x faster than other methods. Our cost effective annual site/corporate or school licenses will have your users up to speed in no time.  Using simple off the shelf tools like the free windows media encoder or the higher end products like camtasia studio to create simple screencasts or screen videos in minutes to show your users how to peform new tasks. Then check them into the softutor learning system so everyone in your company or school can have access to the training anytime, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

How is SofTutor Faster?

Typical web based training teaches in three steps: 1) Lecture, 2) Remember, 3) Try it Later!

SofTutor teaches in one step: 1) Try It Now! or 100% Learn by Doing!

Why does SofTutor have such a high ROI?

SofTutor pays for itself in time savings, by reducing training time by 50% or more, your employees will have more time for work. When used for technical support/help desk if it saves your employees 15 min/day that's about 55 hours a year saved. For more information see our white paper presented to the Society of Advanced Learning Technologies, Washington DC. Increase ROI Through Performance Based Learning

Is SofTutor hard to use?

You should be up to speed with SofTutor within an hour or so. SofTutor includes several example files to get you started quickly. Check out the five minute video above ... its that easy! One of our state government customers purchased SofTutor and had 4 custom titles added to their enterprise license within two weeks.

SofTutor Authoring tools have been used since 2010 by our customers which come from Fortune 500, public utility, government and engineering firms.

SofTutor Authoring Tools - Request a Quote or call us 800-494-4973 or 847-382-1532 (CST).

SofTutor takes your standard training video tutorials and converts them from the Lecture, Remember and try later format to our Try It Now method! And your students will forget they are even learning. They become part of the training from the moment they press play.

Learner Benefits:

  • Learn 3-5x Faster 
  • 100% follow-along video format makes training more enjoyable 
  • Learn commands in seconds with our quick search Technical Support feature
Instructor Benefits
  • Create Interactive Content 2-7x Faster. 
  • Convert your existing content to run in SofTutor 
  • Mix and match content from various sources to easily customize your company's training
  • License content from NVSI, 3rd parties or use open courseware content with SofTutor


  • Open learning platform
    Create your own training, technical support or license content from others
    Easy to mashup training and technical support to build customized training
    Easily customizable from standalone to multi-company industry groups
    Supports any video format from tv, vcr, video camera, cell phone to screen video
    Support for many industry standard capture and editing programs
    Built on Microsoft .Net platform using standard Windows Media Video


  • Software as a service subscription model where your staff can stay up to date with content and technology.
  • Training for anything from onsite inspections to SAP R3 updates, office products to sales training.

Fun Facts from the SofTutor Innovations Center:

  • During SLS v3.0 beta testing, we made 27 new titles. Many were made in less than an hour.
  • We converted Google Sketchup training to SLS3 within 4 hours including download, converting, checking in and uploading.
  • An 8 year old, made training for her friends on in less than 45 min.
  • During jury duty one of our developers used SLS3 to as a front end to the Unreal Tournament III Level designer DVD and within 30 minutes taught himself how to design interactive 3d levels.
  • AutoCAD 2008 3D for Dummies content was converted to SLS3 within 2 hours for a demo for publisher.
  • We installed SLS3 at a Fortune 100 customers site and taught them how to customize training, producing one title that was accessible by everyone on the network in minutes.
  • For a demo to a software publisher, we linked their video content from their website into SLS3 to make a training product We used their original content without modifying or moving it.
  • For a future SLS3 update we mashed up our training with lectures from Harvard and Stanford, leaving all content in its original locations and format. We can build an unlimited amount of customized training by reusing and resequencing existing content.
  • 100 hours of training, 11 titles and three different languages on microsoft .net product was made in 3 days by linking to open courseware content on including an Amazon Webservices AWS title to get SofTutor developers up to speed faster.
  • SofTutor for Second Life was made in 3 days using open courseware content for a last minute presentation at Availble on
  • One of our SofTutor Kids (beta testers) made SofTutor for Facebook over the summer within a few days now available on
  • SLP (SofTutor Learning Player or Portal, we have not decided yet) was created for users who just want to serve premade training to their end users.
  • Concurrent users were added as a licensing option.
  • SofTutor for was made for an insurance company demo within 2 hours by linking content located on into SLS v3.1

Compatible with Thousands of Titles:

New Vision Software, Incorporated is also working with cclearn division's opencourseware search engine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's OpenCourseWare project as well as other groups to help locate additional content that can be checked into SLS3. SLS3's open learning platform makes it possible to mix and match content from many sources around the world to create custom content. During our beta testing we mixed space planning lectures from Harvard University and structural analysis lectures from MIT with architectural drawing content. We hope that our users will work together to share information among themselves and encourage anyone who makes content to license their content under the guidelines of