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Office 2010 - Fundamentals (Excel, PowerPoint and Word) Table of Contents contains over 4 hours of follow-along video instruction covering 256 topics and 66 lessons with corresponding follow along example files. Start where our teacher starts, and she'll walk you through each lesson step by step. You'll learn Microsoft Office in about 8 hours!

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flexible licensing from 1 month - perpetual license, concurrent user to unrestricted enterprise licenses
SofTutor Author - Corporate Edition - Annual License
This price assumes you have at least one SofTutor product installed and running on your corporate intranet. Please note this is an annual license it includes updates and standard support. Create, modify, support and collaborate with others on your network. Includes SofTutor Author, SofTutor DataMigrate and SofTutor Test Player which can be configured on your live server or a test server then migrated to your production machine. Does not include video recording software.
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flexible licensing from 1 month - perpetual license, concurrent user to unrestricted enterprise licenses

321 Learn for Office 2010 Fundamentals
(Home & Student version)

Learn the fundamentals of Office 2010 (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) 4 hours of training, covering 66 lessons with corresponding example files and there are 256 topics that are indexed for quick search that get you up to speed on Office 2010 fast. After you learn use SofTutor's quick search feature for refresher training and as needed support. SofTutor allows you to learn in at the same time you use the actual product. You will learn word while you use word, you'll open example files and follow along with the SofTutor instructor at the same time. Also on search for "321 Learn Office 2010".

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Since 1994, over 240,000 people from more than 1,400 companies, schools and government agencies have learned with SofTutor. SofTutor has a 99.976% Customer Satisfaction Rating!

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SofTutor Guarantee! SofTutor for Office and 321 Learn Office runs for 70 min over a 30 day period without needing to be registered, please try to spend a few hours with SofTutor during the first three days. If you like register it and unlock it. If you do not like it, uninstall it and remove the downloaded version or return the CD or DVD and request a refund, let us know why you did not like SofTutor. Guarantee does not apply to custom projects, authoring tools, concurrent and multi-users licenses, academic licenses or special bundles. Guarantee is only valid in the USA and Canada. Refunds must be requested within 15 days from purchase. If you'd like to try it without buying it first please try one of our free demo versions they generally include about 5 - 15% of our product.

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