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Learn AutoCAD 3D versions 2009-2011
AutoCAD 3D (vers. 2011) Download
Table of Contents (each TOC topic covered is one AutoCAD Tutorial) contains over 3 hours of video instruction covering 66 topics with corresponding follow along example files. Can be used with versions 2009-2011. You'll learn AutoCAD 3D in less than 16 hours!
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AutoCAD 3D (vers. 2011) CDROM - Same as above but for those with no or slow internet connections. It's basically a back up of the download version. add shipping costs.

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AutoCAD 2D & 3D Special Price (vers. 2011) Download (call for cdrom version pricing)
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AutoCAD 3D (vers. 2011) Student Download Must email a current class schedule with more than 5 hours of credit in the current term to qualify for student prices. Software must be registered in students name. 30 day email support.

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AutoCAD 3D (vers. 2011)CDROM 1-Year License + $11.95 shipping

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Current AutoCAD 2D
Click for Legacy AutoCAD 2D & 3D versions R14 - 2008
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SofTutor version 3 and higher runs in 32 & 64 bit operating systems XP - Windows 7, if you need 2000-2008 training on 64 bit os contact us, . If you want to follow along with the SofTutor for AutoCAD Tutorials, then you will need AutoCAD loaded on your pc, You can get a free 30 day trial of AutoCAD at Search for free demo or evaluation.

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Quick Tech Support - Answers hundreds of How do I do...? Most Tutorials take you to the beginning of a topic. SofTutors automatically fast forward to the spot where the topic is being shown and pause automatically after it has been explained.

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