SofTutor OnLine -

Pay for what you need. Why buy 5 hours when you only need 1 hour? From $29.95/per hour or less (dependent on content and volume of hours purchased).

How much do I need to spend to learn a topic? That depends are you a new user or updating to a new version? If you are a new user and our playing time is 5.5 hours then you should learn the topic in 1.7 to 2.5 times the play time. Otherwise, if you are updating to a new version you may only need a few hours 2 - 3 to learn all of the new features.

Use SofTutor OnLine for technical support for 1 hour you can play 20 - 40 topics and brush up on the things you need.

Tangible Benefits

· Eliminate travel to classroom courses, saving the cost of flights and accommodations that can range between $500 & $2000 per employee per course.

· Reduce the number of hours for employee training, which saves payroll expenses. With SofTutor, users typically learn the desired CAD application in 15 hours or less.

· Customize learning for experienced staff. Employees can take a pre-test and limit their time investment to areas where they need improvement.

· Reduce the number of technical support calls, saving between $10-$200 per call.

· Reduce the time spent on technical questions. Employees often go to peers and managers to obtain answers to their technical questions. These interruptions cost the company the equivalent of two salaries during the interruption time.

· Reduce the time Subject Matter Experts spend training staff.

· Reduce the cost to create custom on-line content. On-line content development can be done in ¼ the time and at a substantial cost savings. A three-hour course can be created for less than $2,000, excluding the developers’ time.

· Reduce IT system support time and cost required with other solutions.

Intangible Benefits

· Distributing the knowledge of group top performers to the entire department will boost the productivity of the entire team.

· Key employees can be freed up to work on strategic issues, instead of training and support.

· Reduce the time to effective utilization of new technologies and procedures.

· Reduced mistakes by employees save the cost of changes and rework.

· New employees can be brought up to speed and become productive faster.

· Courses can be easily modified and updated as new software releases and procedures become available.

· Support of multiple shift (24X7) staff when experts may not be easily contacted.


Additional Services:

New Vision Software, provides a full suite of services to process your custom video content, modify SofTutor OnLine Intranet products to work in your environment, with your webservers, workstations, corporate database and custom reports. If you have an LMS we can port SofTutor to work with your LMS. Some of our customers have requested auto logins, modifying AutoCAD and other applications to acess SofTutor OnLine from the help pull down menus. We can create content for you or subcontract with an independent instructor.

SofTutor OnLine is written in Perl, Javascript and XML, which can easily be ported to any webserver platform and database. SofTutor installations are currently running on IIS, Linux and Unix servers running Access, MySQL, MSSQL and Oracle.

Intranet versions also experience higher perfomance than our web based products as our streaming and application servers and mirror servers are located in four states and streaming the data on the web may take 8 - 15 seconds with windows media player v 8 or earlier, or 1 - 8 seconds with wmp v 9 or higher. Intranet versions generally take 1 - 5 seconds to stream or seek to a spot within a video. Generally the webserver can serve the application and video from the same machine. Larger configurations with more than 500 concurrent users may require additional hardware or software upgrades.

SofTutor OnLine's architecture is designed to support over 100,000 concurrent users. Although we will need to make several hardware and server upgrades to get to that level. Our streaming servers and mirrors can currently handle 32,000 concurrent users, although our application servers will need to be upgraded to handle that load. Most upgrades can be made live, while others require minor offline times which are generally made on weekends and evenings.