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  SofTutor Web Edition (all products) - $149/year free trial
    AutoCAD 2D, 3D, LT; MicroStation 2D, 3D, Office, Windows and more, 34 hrs, 1207 topics

  Take the Smitty Challenge, Learn 3D and Change your life!

Free (updated Dec. 2014):
  SofTutor for MSDN (Microsoft Developers Network)
    SofTutor for MSDN (200+ hrs of training)
  SofTutor's Next Hour of Code (subset of SofTutor / MSDN mashup for 7th+ grade)
    SofTutor's Next Hour of Code
    Inspired by Hour of Code(TM) by
  SofTutor for Camtasia Studio (SofTutor / Techsmith mashup)
    SofTutor for Camtasia Studio 7 & 8 and Snagit 10 & 11

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All SofTutor Products are Windows 7 logo compliant.

321 Learn is our new consumer division for home use, students, home office . SofTutor division will focus on B2B, B2G and B3E for enterprise solutions.

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  1. Reduce the Time that it Takes to Learn by 50% or more
  2. Increase Retention
  3. No Reading, Follow-along, learn by doing method is more enjoyable
Why is SofTutor a faster and better method of learning?

SofTutor vs Typical E-Learning
Steps to Learn SofTutor unique approach uses the mentor method of training Typical E-Learning products use the classroom method of training
Let me show you, while you follow along! Lecture (Watch or Listen) or Read
  Try or Be Tested Later

        Smitty from Learns AutoCAD 3D in 2 days with SofTutor click to see what he drew (youtube video)

SofTutor Learning System was Nominated for Innovation in Education award! - Kids sharing ideas and collaborating with other kids.

SofTutorKids are helping the kids at Chicago's Children's Memorial Hospital learn new computer skills. and teamed up with, International Rotary Club and by volunterring their time to help setup and configure 50 donated netbooks to help the kids at the hospital. Jenna made a SofTutor to teach the kids how to use their netbooks and made a custom SofTutor to run on the small netbook screens. See one of Jenna's (age 11) videos on youtube. To learn more about he project visit

SofTutor was a propritary learning system between 1994 - 2008, which grew to support over 250,000 users from over 1,400 companies with a 99.976% satisfaction rating. In 2009, we decided to open it up and make SofTutor nonpropritary. Now anyone can use SofTutor to fast and effective training for their users. We've learned over the years that if you can keep the user involved in learning they will enjoy and retain more longer.

Our new SofTutor Learning System (SLS3) was nominated for the Innovation in Education for Collaborative Social Learning. Since SLS3 is easy enough for kids to use to create content, it's an ideal solution in K-20 Learning. See our presentation ot SIIA at

Stop! Read the Facts: Before you go to that class, or spend another dime on training material take a look at SofTutor.

  1. You will learn 2-5x faster!
  2. You'll have fun learning!
  3. SofTutor is preferred over classroom training!
  4. SofTutor reduces calls to your help desk by 70%!
From 1 person to a 1,000 user Lan or 40,000 user Corporate Intranet*, SofTutor is the choice for of your training and technical support needs!


NVSI is a leader in based CD/ROM, Classroom, LAN, Web and Intranet Training & Technical Support solutions.

Since 1995, NVSI has been selling SofTutor Training and Technical Support tools. We support over 1,200 companies, over 120 schools, local, state and federal governments in 34 different countries. SofTutor products continue to have a 99.96% customer satisfaction rating. Here's what some of our larger customers have found:

See what our customers have to say about SofTutor:
Preferred over classroom training Reduces calls to helpdesk by 70%Learn more in half the time

SofTutor is available in CD/ROM, download and LAN based formats. Unlike other products SofTutor was written from the ground up, as a result it's not like anything you've ever seen. SofTutor's learning objects technology allow you to learn what you want when you want. SofTutor acts as a complete training program as well as a powerful on-line technical support system.

SofTutor runs with your CAD program so you can learn and design at the same time, and you don't have to flip back and forth between programs. SofTutor products are available for AutoCAD and MicroStation. Our users use SofTutor to learn locally or online with SofTutor OnLine. SofTutor can teach you more than you would learn in a training class. Teachers use SofTutor as an add on to priovide additional training to their students in class at school or use SofTutor OnLine as teaching tool to provide distance train their remote students. While SofTutor and SofTutor Online provide computer based training they are not your typical CBT product.

If you have any questions please contact New Vision Software at (847) 382-1532 or email see above.

New Vision Software is phasing out CD/ROM delivery although it will be available on special order only. Lan and intranet products will continue to be delivered on CD/ROM or DVD. All future products will be available for download.

Our Guarantee!
New Vision Software, Incorporated, offers a 30 day guarantee on all SofTutor products. If you're not satisfied, just return SofTutor with all of the original documentation and serial number, let us know why you didn't like it (so we can make changes on future products) and we'll refund your purchase price, less shipping & handling. This offer only applies to commercial products purchased within the U.S. and Canada from New Vision Software, Incorporated. This offer is not valid for Student Licenses, Upgrades, Special Discounted or Bundled Products or licenses required to be unlocked after a demo period, once the product is unlocked its non refundable.

SofTutor Learning System Guarantee - if you are not satisfied within 30 days please let us know why and we'll refund the purchase price of your Softutor Learning System. We ask that you will try a project of at least 30 minutes of video and train more than 10 people. SofTutor usually has a 15 minute learning curve while people get use to learning with the SofTutor method. Valid in the United States only. Consulting, project management, production and other charges are not refundable.

*SofTutor is loaded on the Ford World Client at all Ford engineers world wide can access SofTutor. Several companies have SofTutor loaded on their intranet/lan where over 1,000 users can access the SofTutor Learning System, many more have smaller lans. SofTutor is available online, standalone or for classroom, department, site, campus, district and corporate lan or intranets.