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"SofTutor takes people immediately into the actual operation of the application and coaches
them as they use it. This is nearly ideal as a learning situation according to cognitive science.

- Dr. Arthur E. Paton, Director, Global E-Learning Strategy, Motorola University

SofTutor's Performance Based Training:
  • Reduces Learning Time by up to 70%
  • Reduces "how do I do ...?" Questions by up to 70%
  • Increases Retention with it's Follow-along, Learn-by-Doing Methodology
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K-12 Academic version
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SofTutor's Performance Based Training:

But don't take our word for it! See for yourself try SofTutor for Second Life (below)

SofTutor vs Typical E-Learning

SofTutor for Second Life (free until 6/30/2010)

It's $9.95/year each user, $14.95 home use. Corporate users: $99.95 site license, $495 corporate license. Or get SofTutor customized for your organization starting at $995.

Note: This product teaches Second Life Viewer 1.23 and Snowglobe. It does not cover the new 2.0 Viewer.

SofTutor Full Licenses from $899: If you like SofTutor and want to get it for your company or organization for teaching, learning, support and collaboration, starting at $899/year, share content you create with other SofTutor users. Add thousands of public domain videos into your SofTutor to build custom training for your school. Content created with SofTutor can be shared but not sold for profit, if your company wants to resell content created, please contact us and request information on professional license. SofTutor Prices (click here)!

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(requirements: microsoft .net 2.0 or higher (free from and windows media player 9 or higher (free from

If you would like to be informed of new demos or updates please join our mailing list. If you have content you'd like to share please let us know.

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SofTutor for Second Life (Beginner to Builder in minutes)

We originally created this product in 6/09 for (K-20 teachers group) to help them bring more kids into second life to explore the learning capabilities inside of second life. We worked with and used some of their content with ours to teach kids and teachers how to go from no experience in second life to an intermediate level (builder). Since then we've removed some educational specific content and are allowing non academic users to try this version. It's about 90 min long teaches about 20 topics and contains 145 Quick Search Topics.

If your company has a second life presentence we'd love to customize this product for your employees and customers to highlight your companies SL property.

SofTutor for Second Life (290 mb)

Do Not Try to Follow Along with this Topic!
SofTutor Quick Start
Try to Follow Along with the Following Topics!
Create Your 2nd Life Account
Install Your Second Life Viewer
Getting Started in Second Life
Use Your Camera
Configure Audio, Media, and Voice
Meet, Make, Manage, Contacts
Take Snapshots and Share
Adjust Your Appearance
Join Groups, Get Title, Help in Forums
Fill In Your Profile
Teleport, Landmark, Home, SLURLS
Laugh, Clap, Wave, Make Gestures
Map, Mini Map and Search for Events
Opening a Door to a Classroom & Sit Down
Buying Clothes at a Store
Toggle Local Chat On or Off
Inventory Build Move Play Drive
End Credits (watch)

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