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SofTutor for Excel 2007 Demo - Learn 10 topics in 15 minutes on data mining and data manipulation techniques, take tables from web pages and manipulate the data the way you want to see it. This was made with SofTutor v3 in about 2 hours from idea, defining topics to cover, building example table and web page, recording one 17 min take with a little editing, then checking it into SofTutor and testing it. This has about 15 quick search topics.

Table of contents ... What you'll learn in our SofTutor for Excel 2007 demo  

Do Not Try to Follow Along with this Topic!
Project Goals
Try to Follow Along with the Following Topics!
Import a Table from a Web Page
Separate One Field into Two Fields (Name - First & Last Names)
Separate One Field into Three Fields (Addr2 - City, State Zip)
Fix Email Address Field (name at -
Format Phone Numbers from xxxxxxxxxx to (xxx)-xxx-xxxx
Sort by Last Name
Remove Duplicates
Filter Data (several examples)
Export a Spreadsheet to CSV for Import to an Email Program

Misc Topics included: (what you can do with the full license):

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