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By the time we are done with this project, we expect to have over 4 hours of free video covering about 200 AutoCAD topics with about 175 videos, 140 example files.
Updated 9/4/12 added indexing to AutoCAD 2D (see blue links below the videos), also added support for pc, mac, unix, android and iphone/ipad). Also updated AutoCAD 3D but with limited indexing at the moment. Our goal is to add all of our old stuff.

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NEW: AutoCAD 2011 2D 3D (click to download added 1/5/11)
AutoCAD 2D about 2 hours covering 100 topics with 100 example files*
AutoCAD 3D about 2 hours covering 75 topics with 40 example files*
(*example files are $29.95 extra)

New Vision Software, Incorporated the makers of SofTutor learning and technical support products have given us access to their raw** AutoCAD 2D and 3D video training libraries. While some of these videos are older, we still feel you can get a lot out of this site with AutoCAD versions R14 and 2000-2008, if you set the workspace to "autocad classic".

**raw which means some videos may have a leader or trailer where the author is talking about something to the production staff or commenting about how to join these videos etc.

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Our goals for this site.

  1. Have ad revenue cover hosting costs
  2. Keep refrig and coffee machines stocked
If we reach our goals ... we'll add more value!

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