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Project v5 using database v14 10/29/13 - This project is dynamic and this TOC can change at any time without notice.

Disclaimer: This page gives opinions on why Randy Hilgers @ added these titles and how they can benefit you or your students. Please note the following is the opinion of Randy Hilgers the builder of this project. These opinions are only opinions and do not reflect the views of, its companies or partners.

Beginner series: is for beginners start with no experience learning one of the first 4 products C#, HTML5 & CSS3, Javascript, Visual Basic are the foundations probably listed in order of significance. If you or your students mastered C# they could get $50,000+ a year jobs in just about any company with an IT department or web site.

Kinect series: teaches how to program the Kinect game controller on xbox but it can be used to replace keyboard and mouse as well so learning kinect is two fold, kids can make games or use it to teach people how to use their bodies and hands in programs Kinect may make it possible to teach dance, construction, surgery or other skills. In the movie Minority Report actor Tom Cruise touches manipulates a computer by waiving his hands in the air, while that computer is make believe, tools like Kinect could make that possible some day. There are several videos on the internet where people control robots by moving their hands, tools like Kinect can make that possible as well.

The SofTutor series is our for pay series, and we've included some demo versions of our products. Many State Department of Transportation and the US Government use MicroStation for civil engineering. We talked to the folks at a few weeks ago and they said there is a free version of MicroStation called MicroStation PowerDraft for students which can be used with our free demo training although unlocking the full softutor training product is an additional price. has free or low cost versions of their AutoCAD products for students as well which can be used with our free demo training although unlocking the full softutor training product is an additional price.

Unity Game tool and game engine helps people who know c# programming language and 2D or 3D Design to build professional games that can be played on mobile phones or xbox, its a little advanced.

Windows Store, UX, XAML and It's Alive sections are advanced they require a foundation of c# and or javascript but would be essential for anyone who wants to start their own programming business writing phone apps and getting paid for them.

Office products below would be helpful to anyone going into business as most companies use office products.

Big Data, data mining, SharePoint, PowerShell are advanced topics but mastering how to use it would help students get jobs of over $75,000/year

Developer Diaries are stories from others.

Marketing & Help series teach users how to make and edit videos that they could use to market, teach, train, help / support others through video. These skills are needed for anyone who wants to their start their own youtube channel (kids who play video games on youtube make upwards of $100,000/year by showing people how to play better games). Anyone serious in youtube should start here. The techsmith products are for pay products $49 - $299 they probably have academic pricing but they have 30 day evals that can be used with the training provided in this product to master them enough to use them on a job. Some of the top youtube users make over $500,000/year although you'd need 5,000,000 subscribers or more to hit those levels.

Hyper-v (youtube series), hyper-v is standard on Windows 8 Professional and rumor has it that Xbox One will have hyper-v on it as well although that cannot be confirmed at this time. Hyper-v allows you to run multiple instances of operating systems on the same machine. In our series, we teach how to run 10 operating systems on one $500 computer at the same time. Then by using remote desktop (free on most computers) you can connect to the instances and they look like seperate computers. I.E. in our office we have windows 8, windows 8 pro, windows 7, windows 7 pro, windows vista, windows XP, and several free unix operating systems running on the same computer. You do need to purchase licenses for windows operating systems or be a windows developer. This series shows you how to get the most out of hyper-v.

Windows 8 and google search we create this project last year to teach windows 8 at our new consumer web site. If you have windows 8 or windows 8.1 you can use this to get additional help as you need it. 321Learn also has all of our old content on it so if you want to learn AutoCAD or MicroStation 3D and don't mind learning on a version a few years old you can learn for free.

SofTutor also offers authoring tools which can be used by teachers to modify this content and or create their own. There are several examples included in this product. If you notice bandwidth to be a problem with this product it is possible to download the videos and host them locally but it would take a bit of work. We can assist you as well as consultants. Before considering using the authoring tools you should learn about camtasia studio as you will need to know how to make your own videos prior to using our authoring tools.

SofTutor for Microsoft (programming, development, design, and software products)
Table of Contents

About the SofTutor Learning System
1 The SofTutor Interface
2 Running SofTutor Side-by-Side and Dialog Boxes
3 Example Files
4 Free Software Downloads
5 Updates - Join Our Mailing List & Help us Spread The Word
6 Troubleshooting SofTutor FP - Common Errors
7 How Fast Can I Learn?
8 How We Made this Training with the Optional SofTutor Author
9 Using SofTutor for Support
10 About SofTutor Slide Show
11 http Progressive Download vs Streaming Server - MSDN Wishlist!

Alert - Check SofTutor Network Status
1 Current Network Status

Beginner: C# Fundamentals Development (FE)
0.9 C# Fundamentals Important Update!
1 Introduction
2 Creating Your First C# Program
3 Dissecting the First C# Program You Created
4 Quick Overview of the Visual C# Express Edition IDE
5 Declaring Variables and Assigning Values Duration
6 Branching with the if Decision Statement and the Conditional Operator
7 Operators, Expressions and Statements Duration
8 for Iterations
9 Creating Arrays of Values
10 Creating and Calling Simple Overloaded Helper Methods
11 while Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File
12 Working with Strings
13 Working with DateTime
14 Understanding and Creating Classes
15 More about Classes and Methods
16 Working with Classes and Inheritances in the .NET Framework Class Library
17 Understanding Namespaces and Adding References to Assemblies
18 Understanding Scope and Utilizing Accessibility Modifiers
19 Enumerations and the switch Decision Statement
20 Gracefully Handling Exceptions
21 Working with Collections
22 Filtering and Managing Data Collections using LINQ
23 Understanding Event Driven Programming
24 Concluding Thoughts

Beginner: HTML5 & CSS3 Fundamentals Development (FE)
1 Series Introduction
2 Creating Your First HTML5 Web Page
3 Styling Your First HTML5 Web Page with CSS3
4 Understanding the HTML5 You Wrote
5 Working with Paragraphs and Text
6 Defining the Structure of Your Document
7 Working with Figures and Images
8 Working with Lists
9 Creating Tables
10 Creating Forms
11 Form Validation and Other Future HTML5 Form Enhancements
12 Understanding Cascading Style Sheets
13 CSS3 Font and Text Properties
14 CSS3 Color and Background Properties
15 CSS3 List and Table Properties
16 CSS3 Box Properties
17 Working with CSS3 Font-Face
18 Embedding Video in HTML5
19 Working with the HTML5 Canvas
20 Working with SVG in HTML5
21 Where to Go From Here

Beginner: Javascript Fundamentals Development (FE)
1 Series Introduction
2 Writing your First JavaScript Application
3 Dissecting the First JavaScript Application You Wrote
4 Writing JavaScript in Visual Web Developer Express Edition
5 JavaScript Variables, Types, Operators, and Expressions
6 Conditional Logic in JavaScript
7 JavaScript Functions
8 JavaScript Arrays
9 JavaScript Arrays
10 Understanding Function versus Global Scope
11 Working with External JavaScript Files
12 Organizing and Simplifying JavaScript with Object Literals
13 Understanding the Document Object Model
14 Getting Started with jQuery
15 jQuery Selectors
16 jQuery Events
17 Installing and Utilizing jQuery Plugins
18 Unobtrusive JavaScript
19 Using jQuery to Retrieve JSON via AJAX
20 Fundamentals of JavaScript Closures
21 Series Wrap-Up

Beginner: Visual Basic Fundamentals Development (FE)
0.9 Visual Basic Fundamentals Important Update!
1 Series Introduction
2 Creating Your First Visual Basic Program
3 Dissecting the First Visual Basic Program You Created
4 Quick Overview of the Visual Basic Express Edition IDE
5 Declaring Variables and Assigning Values
6 Branching with the If...Then...Else Decision Statement
7 Operators, Expressions and Statements
8 For . . . Next Iterations
9 Creating Arrays of Values
10 Creating and Calling Simple Overloaded Helper Methods
11 While Iterations and Reading Data from a Text File
12 Working with Strings
13 Working with Dates
14 Understanding and Creating Classes
15 More about Classes and Methods
16 Working with Classes & Inheritances in .NET Framework Class Library
17 Understanding Namespaces & Adding References to Assemblies
18 Understanding Modules, Scope & Utilizing Accessibility Modifiers
19 Enumerations and the switch Decision Statement
20 Gracefully Handling Exceptions
21 Working with Collections
22 Filtering and Managing Data in Collections using LINQ
23 Understanding Event Driven Programming
24 Getting Familiar with the My Namespace
25 Concluding Thoughts

Beginner: Windows Phone 8 Development (FE)
1 Series Introduction
2 Installing Windows Phone SDK 8.0
3 Writing your First Windows Phone 8 App
4 Introduction to XAML
5 Basics of Layout and Events
6 Styling the App
7 Localizing the App
8 Understanding Compilation and Deployment
9 Overview of the Windows Phone 8 Emulator
10 Overview of the Databound App and Pivot App Project Templates
11 Setting up the SoundBoard App
12 Improving the View Model and Sample Data
13 Styling Tiles in the LongListSelector
14 Binding to Real Data at Runtime
15 Playing a Sound when a ListItem is Selected
16 Working with the Application Bar
17 Introducing the Coding4Fun Toolkit
18 Navigating Between Pages
19 Setting up the RecordAudio.xaml Page
20 Recording an Audio Wav File
21 Permanently Saving the Audio Wav File
22 Animating the Reel Grid with a Storyboard
23 Testing and Submitting to the Store
24 Getting Started with the AroundMe Project
25 Working with the Geolocator and Geoposition Classes
26 Retrieving a Photo from Flickr's API
27 Navigating and Passing Data to the SearchResults Page
28 Understanding Async and Awaitable Tasks
29 Filtering the Results by Keyword
30 Adding a Progress Indicator
31 Multiple Selection with the LongListMultiSelector
32 Animating Image Search Results
33 Working with the Lock Screen to Display an Image
34 Creating a Background Agent for Scheduled Tasks
35 Where to go from here

Beginner: Windows Store Apps w C# (FE)
1 Series Introduction
2 Getting Started with the Grid App Template
3 Introduction to XAML
4 Introduction to XAML - Continued
5 Familiarizing Ourselves with the Grid App Template
6 Modifying the Grid App Template with Branding Elements
7 Data Binding and the SampleDataSource.cs
8 Understanding how Data Binding Works at Design Time
9 Data Binding to the RecipeDataSource.cs
10 Understanding Change Notification
11 Working with JSON Data
12 Working with Async Methods in the Windows Runtime
13 Working with the GridView
14 Modifying DataTemplates
15 Implementing Type Converters
16 Responding to Device Orientation Changes
17 Accommodating the Snapped State
18 Enabling Semantic Zooming
19 Implementing the Share Contract
20 Implementing the Search Contract
21 Implementing an AppBar and Flyout
22 Enabling your app to Take Photos
23 Enabling your app to Record Video
24 Lifetime Management - Saving and Restoring State
25 Adding a Settings Command and Settings Flyout
26 Saving User Preferences
27 Implementing User Preferences
28 Enabling Secondary Tiles
29 Incorporating Push Notifications
30 Incorporating Scheduled Toasts
31 Detecting Trial Versions
32 Simulating App Purchases
33 Simulating Product Purchases
34 Where to go from here?

Beginner: Windows Store Apps with JavaScript (FE)
1 Series Introduction
2 Getting Started with the Grid App Template
3 Understanding the Execution Environment
4 Quick Tour of WinJS (1 of 2)
5 Quick Tour of WinJS (2 of 2)
6 Modifying the Grid App Template with Branding Elements
7 Binding to Cookbook Data (1 of 2) - Reviewing the data.js
8 Binding to Cookbook Data (2 of 2) - Modifying the data.js
9 Understanding JavaScript Async Promises
10 Customizing the UI (1 of 3) - Understanding the ListView Templates
11 Customizing the UI (2 of 2) - Modifying the Start and Group-Detail Pages
12 Customizing the UI (3 of 3) - Modifying the Item-Detail Page
13 Accommodating Orientation by Creating Portrait and Landscape Views
14 Enabling Snapped Mode
15 Enabling Semantic Zoom
16 Allowing Recipes to Be Shared
17 Allowing Recipes to Be Searched
18 Adding an App Bar
19 Adding Photo Capture
20 Adding Video Capture
21 Lifetime Management: Saving and Restoring State
22 Adding an About Page
23 Adding a Preferences Page
24 Implementing the Preference
25 Incorporating Secondary Tiles
26 Incorporating Push Notifications
27 Incorporating Scheduled Toasts
28 Detecting Trial Versions
29 Simulating App Purchases
30 Simulating Product Purchases
31 Where to Go From Here?

Big Data - Getting Started (I)
1 Introduction to Big Data
2 Introduction to Map Reduce
3 Introduction to Hive and HiveQL
4 Developing Big Data Applications with .NET
5 Operationalize your Big Data Pipeline

Big Data Analytics (I)
1 Data Mash-Ups with Power Query and PowerPivot
2 Data Visualizations with Power View and Power Map
3 Using SQOOP and Windows Azure Reporting Services
4 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics Including Mahout
5 Working with Windows Azure Tables and MongoDB

Big Data Analytics with Excel 2013
1 Big Data Analytics with Microsoft Excel 2013

Big Data Predictive Analytics

1 Predictive Analytics with Microsoft Big Data - TechEd 2013 DBI-B339

Big Data with Azure HDInsight Service - Getting Started
1 Introduction To Windows Azure HDInsight Service
2 Introduction to Windows Azure HDInsight Service (continued..)
3 Creating Your First HDInsight Cluster and Run Samples
4 Getting Started with Windows Azure Service - Series Overview
5 Create a Windows Azure Account
6 Enable a Windows Azure Preview Feature
7 Add data storage to a Windows Azure account
8 Develop and Run Hadoop MapReduce jobs on Azure HDInsight
9 Create a cluster with Windows Azure HDInsight Service

Data Mining 2012 with Excel 2013 & Powerpivot
1 PowerPivot

Database Fundamentals (I)
1 Introducing Core Database Concepts
2 Relational Concepts
3 Creating Databases and Database Objects
4 Using DML Statements
5 SQL Server Administration Fundamentals

Developer Diaries
1 Andrew Garrison from Jundroo - Developing Mobile Games
2 Scott Davis talks about developing QONQR for Windows 8 and Windows Phone
3 Erin Strange from Migration.Mobi
4 Jing Chan gets over 1 Million Facebook "likes"
5 Blake Miller talks Bodeefit and Think Big Partners
6 Paul Baldwin, CEO of Joybits
7 Azhar Salahuddin - Windows 8 App Developer

Help Us **Spread the Word** about this SofTutor Product
1 If You Like This Training, Tell Your Friends About It!

It’s Alive! Live Tiles and how to Create a Great Out-of-App Experience
1 Live Tiles and how to Create a Great Out-of-App Experience

Kinect for Windows Developer Blog
1 Introduction to Natural User Interfaces (NUI) and Kinect
2 Kinect For Windows Infrared Basics Video
3 Kinect For Windows Audio Basics Video
4 Kinect For Windows Color Basics Video
5 Kinect For Windows Skeleton Basics Video
6 Kinect For Windows Depth Basics Video
7.1 Designing early childhood education apps for Kaplan
7.2 Kaplan Move-NG Word Pop
7.3 Kaplan Move-NG Where Am I
7.4 Kaplan Move-NG Patterns
8.1.1 Kinect Weather Map (Design)
8.1.2 Kinect Weather Map (Code Walkthrough - Gestures)
8.2.1 Face Fusion (Design)
8.2.2 Face Fusion (Code Walkthrough)
8.3.1 Kinect PowerPoint Control (Design)
8.3.2 Kinect PowerPoint Control (Code Walkthrough)

Kinect for Windows Quickstart Series
1 Installing and Using the Kinect Sensor
2 Setting up your Development Environment
3 Camera Fundamentals
4 Working with Depth Data
5 Skeletal Tracking Fundamentals
6 Audio Fundamentals

Marketing & Help - Create Videos w Camtasia Studio 8 (FSIE)
1 Prepare, Script, Audio
2 Record Your Screen
3 Save .Camrec and Project Management
4 Editing Dimensions and Saving
5 Explore the Editor
6 Apply SmartFocus to Zoom and Pan
7 Cut Unwanted Media on the Timeline
8 Add a Callout to Direct Viewers' Attention
9 Visual Properties - Create Animations
10 Produce and Share Your Video on
11 Canvas: In-Depth
12 Timeline: In-Depth
13 Editing: In-Depth
14 Animation: In-Depth
15 Introduction to Grouping
16 Introduction to Markers - Web Video Table of Contents or Edit Points
17 Using Crop Mode
18 Remove a Color (Chroma Key - Green Screen) with Version 8.1
19 Stitching Essentials
20 Custom Production Settings - Exporting your Video in Mpeg 4 (mp4)
21 Audio Series: Audio Basics
22 Audio Series: Cleaning Up Mistakes
23 Audio Series: Working with Music
24 Caption Series: Speech to Text
25 Caption Series: Sync with Script
26 Caption Series: Add Captions Manually
27 Caption Series: Import and Export
28 Caption Series: Make Videos Searchable
29 Introduction to Quizzing - Engage Your Viewers
30 Receiving and Reviewing Quiz Results
31.1 SCORM Content Packages - Overview
31.2 Creating SCORM Content Packages with Quizzes
31.3 Create SCORM Content Packages without Quizzes
31.4 Examining Scorm Content Packages
31.5 Information the SCORM package provides to your LMS
32 Quizzing - A Sample NV
33 Applying Animations Across a Series of Clips NV
34.1 PowerPoint: Add-in Toolbar
34.2 PowerPoint: Record a Presentation
34.3 PowerPoint: Editing Dimensions and Save Project
34.4 PowerPoint: Cut and Split Clips Using Markers on the Timeline
34.5 PowerPoint: Use Markers to Create a Table of Contents
34.6 PowerPoint: Audio Enhancements and Noise Removal
34.7 PowerPoint: Custom Production Settings
34.8 PowerPoint: Share on the Web with Link to HTML File

Marketing & Help - Snagit 11 Screen Video Recorder (FSI)
0.1 Capture Quickly Using OneClick
0.2 Snagit Highlights
0.3 Introduction to Snagit 11
0.4 What's New in Snagit 11
1 Starting Snagit
2 Capture Images and Share via Email
3 Adding a Callout
4 Recording a Video
5 Sharing a Video via email
6 Using All-in-One Capture
7 Recording Video
8 Recording System Audio
9 Streamlining with Capture Profiles
10 Getting to Know the Editor
11 Sharing with Snagit
12 Annotate with Drawing Tools
13 Basic Editing in Snagit
14 Enhance Your Image with Effects
15 Customizing Tools using Quick Styles
16 Capturing Using Custom Scroll
17 Capturing a Scrolling Region
18 Capturing Text
19 Using Snagit 11 on Windows 8
20 Downloading Profiles and Outputs
21 Understanding the Capture Modes
22 Capturing Using Hotkeys

Networking Fundamentals (I)
1 Understanding Local Area Networking
2 Defining Networks with the OSI Model
3 Understanding Wired and Wireless Networks
4 Understanding Internet Protocol
5 Implementing TCP/IP in the Command Line
6 Working with Networking Services
7 Understanding Wide Area Networks
8 Defining Network Infrastructure and Network Security

Office 15-Minute Webinar (I)
1 Sharing Calendars in Outlook
2 Getting things done with Office Web Apps
3 Saving with the SkyDrive Desktop App
4 Working with PowerPoint Slide Masters
5 Favorite Features in the New Office
6 Working with Photos in Office
7 Presenting and Sharing Docs on the Go
8 Managing a Family Calendar with Outlook
9 Using Presenter View in PowerPoint
10 Office Mobile on Android phones
11 Office on Windows 8
12 Reasons to use Styles in Word
13 Running Meetings & Webinars on Lync
14 Prepare for a Waterfall of Office Tips
15 What’s New with the Office Web Apps
16 Office Mobile of iPhone
17 Back to School with Office Web Apps and OneNote
18 Traveling with OneNote
19 Simplifying your Excel data
20 Office 365 Education and SkyDrive Pro
21 5 Training Courses and Tips
22 A Beginner's Guide to SharePoint Online
23 Get started with Visio
24 Your Questions on Office 365 Answered
25 Ways to Share with OneNote
26 Organization charts in PowerPoint and Visio
27 Tips from Microsoft MVPs
28 Freezing Panes in Excel
29 Office 365 for Business
30 Setting Margins in Word
31 Create Business Cards Quickly in Word and Publisher
32 Get to Know the New Office 365
33 Working with Sound in PowerPoint
34 Spell Check and Proofing your Word doc
35 Track Changes and Copyediting in Word
36 Templates for the Holidays
37 What's Office like on Windows RT device
38 Back to School Products and Freebies

Office 2013 & Sharepoint 2013 from Build 2012
1 What's New for Developers in Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013
2 Intro to the Cloud App Model for Office & SharePoint 2013, Part 1:2
3 Intro to the Cloud App Model for Office & SharePoint 2013, Part 2:2
4 Using TypeScript to build apps for Office and SharePoint
1 Understanding Authentication and Permissions with Apps for SharePoint and Office
2 0 to 60: Developing Apps for Microsoft SharePoint 2013
3 Developing Apps for SharePoint 2013 with Visual Studio 2013
4 Building HTML5 Bus. Apps w Azure, Office 365 & VS LightSwitch
5 0 to 60: Developing Apps for Microsoft Office 2013
6 Advanced Patterns w Azure Web Sites for Apps, Office and SharePoint
7 Building Enterprise Web and Mobile Apps with the Yammer Platform

Office 365 Administration for Small Business (I)
1 Overview and Infrastructure
2 Office 365 User Management
3 Office 365 Single Sign-On, DirSync and ADFS
4 Administering Lync Online
5 Administering SharePoint Online
6 Exchange Online Basic Administration
7 Exchange Online Deployment and Migration
8 Exchange Online Security and Protection
9 Exchange Online Protection, Archiving and Compliance

PowerShell 3.0 - 1 Getting Started (I)
1 Don't Fear the Shell
2 The Help System
3 The Pipeline: Getting Connected and Extending the Shell
4 Objects for the Admin
5 The Pipeline: Deeper
6 The PowerShell in the Shell, Remoting
7 Getting Prepared for Automation
8 Automation in Scale, Remoting
9 Introducing Scripting and Toolmaking

PowerShell 3.0 - 2 Advanced Tools & Scripting (I)
1 Get Started Scripting
2 PowerShell’s Scripting Language
3 Simple Scripts and Functions
4 Advanced Functions
5 More on Parameters
6 Writing Help
7 Error Handling
8 Tools That Make Changes
9 Script and Manifest Modules

SharePoint 2013 Reimagine Development
1 Migrating a SharePoint Web Part to an app for SharePoint app part
2 Server-Side Object Model vs Client-Side Object Model
3 Migrating a SharePoint Event Receiver to a Remote Event Receiver
4 Reimagine SharePoint Dev.: A better way to customize SharePoint
5 Developing Apps for Office and Sharepoint
6 Translating Custom Code Workflows to SharePoint 2013

SofTutor for AutoCAD 2D & 3D Demo (FSIE) Overview
1.1 Getting Started with SofTutor
1.2 Switching Between Applications and SofTutor

SofTutor for AutoCAD 2D Demo (FSIE) Getting Started with Workspaces Mouse Button Configuration Menus & Tool Bars Application Menu Opening an Existing Drawing Layer Properties
2.3.2 Scroll Wheel
2.4.1 Dynamic Zoom and Pan
2.6.1 General Osnap Settings Explained OSnap Tracking Line Command Circles Overview Circle By Three Points Arcs Overview Arc By Start, Center, End
2.9.8 Trim Command
2.9.9 Extend Command Associative Array Command
2.9.17 Erase Command
2.16.2 Hatching
2.17.3 Quick Drawing Process
2.2 End of AutoCAD 2D Demo - See What You Missed!

SofTutor for AutoCAD 3D Demo (FSIE)
3.1.1 3D Workspace
3.1.2 Menus and Ribbon Bar
3.1.3 3D View Display
3.2 Additional Object Snaps for 3D
3.3.4 Polysolid
3.4.2 Orbit Command
3.5.3 3D Polylines
3.8.2 Surface by Network
3.8.4 Trim Surfaces
3.9.1 Swept Surfaces and Solids
3.11.2 3D Move 3D Associative Array
3.2 The End of AutoCAD 3D Demo - See What You Missed!

SofTutor for Excel 2007 Data Manipulation (FSIE)
1 Getting Started with SofTutor
2 Excel 2007 Data Manipulation (Full 13 min lesson)

SofTutor for MicroStation 2D & 3D Demo (FSIE) Overview
1.1 SofTutor MicroStation Demo - Introduction
1.2 SofTutor User Interface
1.3 Task Toolbar Options
1.4 Side by Side learning
1.5 End - Now Give SofTutor a Try!

SofTutor for MicroStation 2D Demo (FSIE)
2.1.3 Mouse Buttons - Data, Tentative Snap, Reset Task Tool Bar Options and Customization Pop Up Menu
2.1.6 The Design Plane and Units AccuDraw's Context Sensitivity
2.2.1 Opening / Closing Views
2.2.3 Zoom In and Out
2.2.5 Rotate View
2.2.10 Views On/Off
2.3.1 Level Manager, Level Names and Level Display Lines
2.5.7 Polar Array
2.5.10 Element Selector
2.7.7 IntelliTrim
2.9.19 End of MicroStation 2D Demo - See What You Missed!

SofTutor for MicroStation 3D Demo (FSIE)

3.1.4 Dialog Options
3.2.4 Rotating a View
3.4.1 Slab
3.4.7 Pyramid
3.5.1 Solid by Extrusion
3.5.4 Solid by Extrusion Along a Path
3.6.9 Boolean: Subtract
3.6.12 Fillet Edges
3.9.5 Helix
3.9.6 Surface by Network
3.91.3 Google 3D Warehouse Tools
3.96 End of the MicroStation 3D Demo - See What You Missed!

SofTutor for Office 2010 Excel Demo (FSIE)
1.1.1 The Excel Interface Selecting Cells
1.3.1 Inserting/Deleting Rows or Columns
1.6 End of Excel Demo

SofTutor for Office 2010 Powerpoint Demo (FSIE)
2.2.1 Select a Presentation Theme
2.2.2 Enter and Edit Text
2.4.2 Inserting Shapes
2.9 End of the Powerpoint Demo

SofTutor for Office 2010 Word Demo (FSIE)
3.1.1 The Word Interface
3.2.1 Modifying text
3.4.1 Aligning Paragraphs
3.8 End of Word Demo

SofTutor for Support, Bug Testing, Collaboration w Snagit
1 Using SofTutor & Snagit for Skill Sharing, Support or Collaboration

SofTutor for Windows 8 - Sample from (FSI)
1.1 About Us and this Project
1.2 Benefits of Joining our Emailing List
2 Installing Windows 8
3.1 Login, Logout, Lock
3.2 Start Screen
3.3 Picture Password
3.4 Microsoft Email Account Benefits
3.5 Logoff or Sign Out
3.6.1 Common Keyboard Shortcut Keys
3.6.2 Charm Keyboard Shortcut Keys
6.3 How to Record Program Steps using Step Recorder
6.5 How to Take Screenshots using Snipping Tool
6.7 PowerShell - Make Excel Spreadsheet from Directory Listing
7 End of our Windows 8 Free Sample - See what you Missed!
7.1 Visit 321Learn more Windows 8 Training

SofTutor How We Made Camtasia & Snagit Training
1 How we made SofTutor for Techsmith Camtasia Studio & Snagit

SofTutor How We Made this Microsoft Training
1 How We Made this Training with the Optional SofTutor Author

SofTutor Software Architecture (Corporate & Academic Users) (S)
1 SofTutor Project Architecture using v3.5b
2 SofTutor v 3 Architecture
3 Logo Compatible and Digital Signatures
4 Installing SofTutor FP on Your School or Corporate Network
5 Reducing Video Bandwidth and or Increasing Concurrent Users

SofTutor's Optional Academic Author
1 Why Schools might want to consider our optional Authoring Tools
2 http video vs streaming or local hosted videos (from About SofTutor)

SofTutor's Optional Author Teach, Support, Share Skills (S)
1 SofTutor Authoring - Plan, Create, Enter, Share & Teach in 5 min
2 SofTutor v 3.5 - Build Training Your Way
3 Use SofTutor for Video Management - Find Things Fast
4 Use SofTutor for Skill Sharing
5 Use SofTutor for Technical Support, Help Desk or Quick Refresher
6 SofTutor Authoring - Slide show

User Experience (UX) - Windows 8 Design Jump Start
1 The Microsoft Design Language
2 Less is More
3 Navigation
4 Layout
5 UI Elements
6 Snap and Scale Beautifully
7 Charms, Contracts and Extensions
8 Tiles and Notifications
9 Touch
10 Animation
11 Accessibility
12 Globalization
13 The Windows Store

Build Conference 2013 - Keynotes

1 Day 1 Keynote - Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Bing, Xbox
2 Day 2 Keynote - Server, Tools, Windows Azure, Visual Studio, ASP.NET, Office 365, and Windows

Using Google Search for Video Support -

1 Google Search

Web Application Development with ASP.NET MVC 4 (I)
1 Introduction to MVC 4
2 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Models
3 Developing MVC 4 Controllers
4 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Views
5 Integrating JavaScript and MVC 4
6 Implementing Web APIs
7 Deploying to Windows Azure
8 Visual Studio 2013 / MVC 5 Sneak Peek

Windows 8 - Gaming Engines (I)
1 Planning Your Game
2 Game Assets
3 Construct2 by Scirra
4 GameMaker by YoYo Games
5 Unity
6 Monetization and Store Submission

Windows 8 & Windows Phone 8 - App Building

1.1 Comparing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 - Part 1
1.2 Comparing Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 - Part 2
2 Basics of View Models
3 Model-View-ViewModel
4 Sharing Code

Windows 8.1 Desktop Hyper-V to Remote Desktop on Tablet
1 Remote Desktop on Tablet connect to Win 8.1 with Hyper-V
2 Testing Windows 8.1 Touch on a Tablet with Remote Desktop
3 Visit for 20 Hyper-v Tutorials

Windows Games with Unity Game Tools
1 Introduction to the Windows 8 platform and the Windows Store
2 End-to-End: Develop, debug and deploy a Unity game for the Windows Store
3 Deep dive: Tips & tricks for porting games from other platforms to Windows 8
4 Sharing code: Reuse all this new knowledge on the Windows Phone platform
5 Differentiate: Integrate your game with Windows 8 platform features
6 Introduction to building games with Unity
7 Partner Session: Rogue Rocket Games
8 Partner Session: Coding Jar Studios
10 Partner Session: Luminary

Windows Store Advanced App Development using C#
1 Animations
2 Responsive Design
3 Branding
4 Reusable Controls
5 Advanced Contracts Part 1
6 Advanced Contracts Part 2
7 Media
8 Advanced Features

Windows Store App with HTML5 Jump Start
1.1 Part 1 - Designing a Windows Store App
1.2 Part 2 - Designing a Windows Store App
2.1 Part 1 - Developing Windows Store Apps
2.2 Part 2 - Developing Windows Store Apps
3.1 Part 1 - Working with Contracts
3.2 Part 2 - Working with Contracts
4.1 Part 1 - UI and Controls
4.2 Part 2 - UI and Controls
5.1 Part 1 - Programming User Interactions
5.2 Part 2 - Programming User Interactions
6.1 Part 1 - Data Access
6.2 Part 2 - Data Access

Windows Store Apps Advanced Development with HTML5
1 Background Tasks and Components
2 Hardware and Sensors
3 Printing and PlayTo
4 Animations, Custom Controls, and Globalization
5 Data, Files, and Encryption
6 Deployment

Windows Store Apps for iOS Developers (I)
1 Introduction to the Windows Store Platform and the Tools
2 C# for Objective-C developers
3 Async programming and Networking Introduction
4 Introduction to XAML and UI Patterns for XAML Apps
5 App Model and Storage
6 Contracts
7 Notifications
8 Submitting to the Store

Windows Store Apps with HTML5 Refresh for Win 8.1 (I)
1 Controls
2 Storage, Networking, and Security
4 Multimedia and Devices
5 Packaging and Deployment
6 Tools and Asynchronous Programming

Windows Store Build a Blog Reader App with C # (E)
1 Introduction to the Series
2 Get Data Into an App
3 Asynchronous Programming
4 Add Pages and Navigation
5 Add an App Bar, Animations, and Transitions
6 Creating a Consistent Look with Styles
7 Adding a Control Template
8 Adapting to Different Layouts
9 Managing App Lifecycle and State

Windows Store Developer Solutions
1 Visual Studio's Red Squigglies - Porting & Debugging Code
2.1 Search Term Highlighting
2.2 Zooming
2.3 Alert Interceptor

XAML for Windows & Windows Phone Apps Jump Start
1 Intro to XAML
2 XAML UI Elements
3 Panels & Layout
4 Controls
5 Data Binding
6 MVVM - Model View ViewModel Design Pattern