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SofTutor Excel Demo

Name Company Title Addr1 Addr2 Email Phone
Randy Hill Our Software, Inc. Project Manager 123 Pine Ave. Chicago, IL 60606 randy at gmail.com 3121234567
Tom Johnson ProgrammersRUs Programmer 244 Western St. Austin, TX 54789 tj at pgrus.com 5473334441
Pat Dango Databanks & Co DBA 93 N. 22nd St Omaha, NE 59748 pdango at datab.net 2218475568
Toby White Our Software, Inc. Webmaster 123 Pine Ave. Chicago, IL 60606 toby at gmail.com 3121234568
Hu We ProgrammersRUs Programmer 18 E. Westwood St. Juno, AK 99875 huwe at pgrus.com 9823841209
Ruth Wendt WriteWorld Tech. Writer 328 E. 35th St. Seattle, WA 97451 rwendt at gmail.com 8323983019
Zack Quall Tested, Inc Tester 228 S Jackson Topika, KS 45871 zq at tested.net 4873365412
Jack Jonen Innerface, Inc. UI Designer 22129 RT 39 West Beloit, WI 59832 JJ3 at hotmail.com 2542136847
Sally Jones Our Software, Inc. Web Designer 123 Pine Ave. Chicago, IL 60606 sally at gmail.com 3121234569
Ruth Wendt Red Writer Editor 4401 W. 17th St. Seattle, WA 97453 rwendt at gmail.com 8323982284

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